About Lisa

Lisa Christoffersen is an Interior Designer with a succinctly African Aesthetic, and a keen appreciation of functionality. Lisa is a third generation Tanzanian born Danish citizen who grew up on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and today lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

Lisa has made a successful career as an interior designer, an expert in African tribal arts, as organiser and hostess of exclusive bush trips, and as the author of the very successful book Bushfriendly Tips for Girls (Boys Too!!!), currently in its second edition.

Lisa’s appreciation and extensive knowledge of African tribal art, craft and textiles has resulted in her developing an art gallery: the Home Gallery. It is the go-to address for African art collectors from across the globe when visiting Kenya. The Home Gallery is a treasure trove of arts from the entire African continent. The walls are adorned with paintings and photography from both local and international artists. The furniture and interior accessories that you see in the Home Gallery are all for sale, decorated tastefully to be an inspiration to the guests visiting the Home Gallery. She has curated African art collections for various businesses and corporations such as Standard Bank Dubai, the US Embassy in Nairobi and the headquarters of Coca-Cola East, West and Central Africa’s offices in Nairobi.

Her innate charm and commitment to African art & craft have lead to long-term personal relationships with a number of artists who contribute original artwork and design elements to her interior design projects. These one-of-a-kind pieces enhance the exclusivity of Lisa’s designs and ensure that each of her projects are unique and bespoke.

Lisa’s impeccable sense of style has not been eroded by the time she has spent in the bush over the years and still spends when hosting her regular bush trips. Having first-hand experience of staying at various bush establishments has honed her ability to focus on the small luxuries and practical design touches which make the difference between a nice place to stay and a memorable experience. This informs Lisa’s approach when she designs for the top end of the tourist market and local residents in Kenya too.

Delivering a project on time and within a budget is pivotal to Lisa’s achievement as an interior designer but for her, a delighted customer is the true measure of success.

Lisa has spent 11 years living in Denmark and a year in Switzerland and speaks fluent Danish, English & Swahili, German and understands Norwegian and Swedish.

A cosmopolitan woman who has a love for Africa started her career as an interior designer at the tender age of 22. Her first project was working for an Italian architect/designer re-furbishing and decorating Safari Park Hotel on the outskirts of Nairobi.