Interior Design

by Lisa Christoffersen

Interior Design

Growing up in East Africa has given me an understanding of endless space.

From my travels throughout Africa and time spent with various vanishing tribes, trading and learning their cultures has inspired my love for interior styling.

Walking through the bush, being on safari and wandering along the shores of the indian ocean, breathing in the beauty that I am always surrounded by, absorbing the dramatic tones in the sky from dusk to dawn and appreciating the earth tones and colours that the African bush and nature offers,is a natural haven of inspiration in itself. Much of the Tribal Arts within Africa was created for a reason and has a purpose and bringing these unique pieces into your home, automatically tells a story and I would love to share these stories with you and assist you in styling your home or office with a chic touch of Africa and bringing joy with these touches.

Today with the busy life style that so many people lead, time is a luxury and often small touches to the home are forgotten and neglected. I would be delighted to assist and work with in creating a unique look that not only is comfortable but tells a story.