Lisa’s African Inspired Pashmina Shawls

The idea came about 12 years ago when there was no luxury shawl that depicted a touch of Africa in a world class environment. Lisa got her inspiration from her love for Africa: wildlife designs, the African bush, African textiles and the warm glowing colours that Africa is known for.

Despite living in Africa, the climate in Nairobi, where Lisa spends her day-to-day life can be quite cool, so the ideal accessory for Nairobi is a Pashmina shawl. Dress it or down, drape it over your bag and always be warm and look chic!


  • Standard 200 cm X 70 cm
  • Double  244cm X 140 cm


  • Summer pashmina shawl 80% pashmina & 20% silk
  • Normal / winter weight 70% pashmina & 30% silk