Alexandra Spyratos was born in Kenya where she lived most of her life surrounded by the exotic beauty and wilderness of Africa.  Based between Byron Bay, Australia and Malindi, Kenya, Alexandra has made two tranquil corners of the world her base, painting in her studios for exhibitions worldwide.

Influenced by her colorful background, translating the heat and the exotic beauty of the African wildlife to canvas has become Spyratos’ passion and spiritual goal.This prolific artist has become known for her colorful, bold and individualstyle. Her paintings rich and heavily layered with fluorescent paint and thick oils, recreate the physicality of the wild that inspires her.

It is this deep inspiration from the heart of Africa that has emerged in Alexandra’s oil painting of the wildlife and has evolved into and original painting style that straddles all genre and is uniquely her own. In the words of well know art critic Miraim Cristaldi:

“In all these journeys across the most diverse countries and continents, this nomadic artist has seen and studied colour in all its territorial changes and expressive possibilities, and it has become a basic part of her artistic research. Her works have to be placed in that area of lyrical abstractions that runs from Kandinsky to Dorazio: the form of things, though having a strictly figurative aim, is essentially geometric and two dimensional. Her poetic world seems veiled by a cool mental image and, by way of a distilled personal inventiveness, orchestrates a chromatic symphony similar to the sensibility of postmodern aesthetics.”

Her artistic presentation of the elephant, ostrich, flamingo, giraffe and predominantly the regal zebra, swirls about and leaps to her palette in representational form. One views the regality of figure, the splendor and passion of the zebra, rearing off into a universal abstraction that searches through shape and form for manifestation of beauty, movement, heat and desire.

Her medium now sees a diverse direction from fluorescence to minimal whites and more recently, into the elegance and glamour of gold, silver and copper leaf combined with the fluorescence. The combination is dynamic and adds a fresh and energetic dimension to her art. The shine and shimmer of gold, copper and silver seems reflective of the heat of the artists Savannah homelands and the technique create a glamorous feel to the art aptly termed “bohemian chic”.

With twenty-six solo shows behind her Alexandra has become known for her contemporary and decorative style, bold, textured and uniquely her own.

Presently based predominantly in Kenya, Alexandra is in the heart of her passion and a stone throw away from the wildlife that is the essence of her inspiration.

The Artists recent exhibitions include Lion In The Sun, (Flavio Briatore’s private residence) in Malindi , Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong, Libby Edwards Gallery, Melbourne Australia, Soho Gallery, Sydney and historical Watatu gallery, Nairobi , Kenya.